Since I graduated as a product designer in the 80´s I have worked as a motorcyle- and car designer for Honda, BMW, Mazda, Opel, Saab and also for VW. This and some petrol in my blood might be the reason for my love in classical cars.

Beside my work as a car designer I really enjoy painting landscapes, which seem to be dominated by Islay scenery, an island I fell in love with some 17 years ago and a place where I try to spend as much time as possible. Depending on subject and size of the painting my preferred media are watercolour or acrylics. 
Mostly I work in my studio, but sketching on site and capturing moods and impressions in my sketchbook is a pleasure which makes me forget the time and the world around me.

Despite my name I do not paint with my fingers, I prefer to use brushes, but I thought it would be fun to name my website “www.fingerpainting.de” after my surname.

Thank you for showing interest in my work!

Enjoy browsing! In case you have questions or you are interested in purchasing a painting don´t hesitate to contact me.

Dietmar Finger









Workshops inkl. Unterkunft auf der Insel Islay


Seit Dezember 2017 wohne ich im ruhig gelegenen Örtchen Carnduncan auf der Hebriden- insel Islay, gelegen vor der schottischen Westküste. Nachdem ich schon seit zwei Jahren dort Skizzenkurse veranstaltet habe, kann ich dies nun intensivieren und, da ein eigenes Atelier zur Verfügung steht, auch mit Aquarellkursen in den Abend hinein vertiefen.

Ab etwa Mai stehen neben dem durchgehend offenen Atelier auch zwei Gästezimmer zur Verfügung, in dem Kursteilnehmer wohnen können.

Weitere Informationen unter WORKSHOPS und ACCOMMODATION.



Workshops incl. Accomodation on the Isle of Islay


In December 2017 I have moved to the hebredian island Islay where l hosted "Sketch Islay" - workshops since a couple of years. My own studio allows me to itensify this activity and also to extend such with watercolor classes in the evenings.

From about May on there will also be 2 rooms available, where participants can stay.

For further Informationen see "WORKSHOPS" and "ACCOMODATION".


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