Painting seems to be my passion since I was a little boy. As far as I remember I started from animals, went on to landscape and aeroplanes.

Being a practical person, studying product design seemed the perfect idea, since it combined technical skills with creative talents and those of illustrating ideas.

My career as a transportation designer took me to Honda, BMW, Mazda, Opel and to Volkswagen.

After ending my design career I moved to Scotland and I now work and live on the Isle of Islay.


Seit ich ein kleiner Junge war scheint das Malen meine Leidenschaft zu sein. Soweit ich mich erinnere begann es mit dem Malen von Tieren, gefolgt von Landschaften und Flugzeugen.

Als praktisch veranlagter Mensch lag es nahe ein Studium wie Produkt Design zu belegen. So konnte ich technische und creative  Talente mit denen der Illustration meiner Ideen kombinieren.

Meine Karriere als Designer von Motorrädern und Autos brachte mich zu Honda, BMW, Mazda, Opel und zu Volkswagen.

Diesen Lebensabschnitt habe ich beendet. Inzwischen wohne und arbeite ich auf der Isle of Islay.





Nature with all its colors and smells. I like to be outside as much as possible. Weather does not matter a lot. Every season has its great moments and moods. The greens of spring, the light of the summer, the autumn colors and the bleaches of the winter.

Music, ideally played live at small venues inspires me tremendously. To be right at the stage and to follow the interaction of the musicans, the changing light and dynamics of the music.

But also classical cars and motorbikes, racecars and paddocks may hit the trigger driving me in the studio to paint and to forget the world around.



Die Natur mit all ihren Farben und Gerüchen. So oft es nur geht bin ich draußen. Das Wetter spielt keine große Rolle. Jede Jahreszeit hat ihre eigenen Momente und Stimmungen. Das Grün des Frühlings, das Licht des Sommers, die Farben des Herbstes und die Blässe des Winters.

Livemusik, idealerweise vorgetragen in kleinen Clubs, inspiriert mich enorm. Nah bei der Bühne zu sein und die Interaktion der Musiker untereinander zu verfolgen, das sich ändernde Licht und die Dynamik der Musik.

Aber auch ebenso klassische Automobile und Motorräder treiben mich spontan in das Atelier, um zu malen.





You love a certain classical car and want it to be around you even in the living room?


You like the view from your holiday home and want to see the same even from your tiny city flat?




Feel free to CONTACT ME for commisional artwork.









All original paintings on this website are, if still avaiable, for sale.




Acrylic paintings are available as prints on canvas, paper or other desired bases.

Prices apply as indicated beneath the pictures.

Prints on canvas will be shipped coiled, not stretched. Your framer will need to fit it on a canvas stretcher frame.

(Custom sizes available on request)


Giclee prints of watercolour paintings on watercolour paper are available in two sizes:


40 x 30 cm (Subject ca. 30 x 20 cm)         40,- Euro plus shipping

70 x 50 cm (Subject ca. 56 x 36 cm)         65,- Euro plus shipping

(Custom sizes available on request. Payments in £ possible)




Please note that, depending on the size of your desired subject, printing and shipping may take around 1-3 weeks.


Within the UK                                             £6-20

To the EU                                                   15 - 30,- Euro

Worldwide                                                  upon request



*All prints are high quality Giclee prints and are printed by ZENGER FINE ART PRINTS.



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